Programme régional de résilience à l’insécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle au Sahel (P2RS)



Hence, the overall objective of P2RS is to eradicate the structural causes of severe and chronic food and nutritional crises by helping vulnerable households to increase their incomes, gain access to basic social infrastructure and social services, and build a heritage that enables them to consolidate their livelihoods on a sustainable basis.
  1. Rural Infrastructure Development: (A1) Development of hydro-agricultural infrastructure; (A2) Development of pastoral and fish-farming infrastructure; (A3) Development of conservation/processing and marketing infrastructure; and (A4) Development of basic social infrastructure.
  2. Development of Value Chains and Markets: (B1) Capacity-building; (B2) Development of crop sub-sectors; (B3) Development of animal sub-sectors; (B4) Development of fishery sub-sectors; (B5) Improvement of access to markets and financing; (B6) Research/development and resilient technological innovations; (B7) Promotion of youth employment; and (B8) Reinforcement of nutrition.
  3. Project management and coordination: (C1) Coordination of project activities; (C2) administrative, accounting and financial management; (C3) procurement of goods, works and services; (C4) monitoring and evaluation of project implementation; and (C5) ESMF implementation.
Total Project Cost (UA), is estimed 13, 53 million d’UC, 11,5 million UC of BAD and  2,03 for the Gambia government for five years.
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